Literature Directions: Gogol fest
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Book Platform – a new form project of a book-fair under festival “GOGOLFEST.BABYLON” on the Art-zavod Platforma. Fair stalls are installed following the principle of labyrinth; every participant will model their own unique space, telling a personal story. In one of Borges stories the author describes Universe as a Babylon Library, with hexagonal galleries and five shelves on each wall – this is exactly what the Book Platform will look like. Visitors enter into closed world, pass through all key stages of human existence.

The “Book Platform: 10х10” event under the Book Platform project of “GOGOLFEST.BABYLON” festival on Art-zavod Platforma will include 5 sessions. Inheriting the structure of the Universe in form Borges’ Babylon Library, the Book Platform fair has offered ten representatives of culture world to fill up the space. In dialogue format On September 24 and 25, five pairs of culture personalities will discuss ten most important books over five sessions.