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  • 21.09.2016

For the first time, BOOK PLATFORM will present unusual, the most comfortable for visitors, various and structured form of fair with books, art-books, magazines, notebooks and post-cards.

As part of the BOOK PLATFORM there also will be presented KIDS-zone with zone for children and literary program. All interactive literary evenings, readings and master-classes are oriented on concrete age-groups (from 3 to 15 years old) and are only in Ukrainian language.


September 24th

11:20 Interactive reading Ukrainian-English picture books “Swings under maple” with Galina Tkachuk (, age: 4-7 y.o.

12:00 Interactive reading of book collection, ghost stories for children “Thirteen stories in the darkness” with Galina Tkachuk (, age: 7-10 y.o.

12:00 Master class for children “Finger drawing”. Together with paintresses Ira Kovalkovoyu and Darya Fedorynskoyu, creating the unique magic garden  (Bookstore «Є»), age: 3-7y.o.

13.00 Drawing funny kitchen with Bohdana Bondar. Water-color masterclass on the plot of the Sylvia Plath “Mrs Ms. Cherry Kitchen” (Old Lion Publishing House), age: 5-7 y.o.

14.00 Master class of drawing and collages based on the book "Someone" - "catch a fish" by Amelin Victoria and Masha Foyi (Old Lion Publishing House), age: 5-7 y.o.

14:00 Master Class to create collages based on the author's book series "The Book of the picture" (Nebo BookLab Publishing), age: 6-12 y.o.

15:00 Readings with writer Anatoly Dnistrova of commotion in the Dnipro river and other fishes, age: 3-6 y.o.

15:00 Master class for adults by Sofia Riabchuk "How Black Square affects children's future" based on the books Francoise Barbe-Galle (Old Lion Publishing House), parents / adult audience

16:00 Creative writing for teens "Doors in fantastic worlds. Together we write the history" from Vladimir Aryenyeva. Part 1: “ He who lives by the magical door? We create fantastic characters”; age: 13-15 y.o.

16:00 Creating artwork in monotype art with Roman Ruban (Nebo BookLab Publishing), age: 9-12r. (Number of participants - 12 persons.)

17:30 Reading-illustrating Lorenz Pauli Scherer and Catherine "Fox goes to the library" with artist Nadia Antonets (bookstore-cafe "Barbukan"), age: 8-10 y.o.


September 25th

12.00 Master Class to create their own characters of the book, based on ", Autumn Carnival Chudodiyiv by Elephant Gudzyk" by Lesya Voronina and Catherine Shtanko (Old Lion Publishing House), age: 5-7 y.o.

13:00 Master class by artist Lesya Ryhorchuk (Bookstore «Є»), age: 10-12 y.o.

14.00 Master class for children "Contemporary art. Just about the complex "based on the book Francoise Barbe-Galle" How to talk to children about art "by Sofia Riabchuk (Old Lion Publishing House), age: 5-10 y.o.

14:00 Master class from  cat Inzyr of drawing comics. Held - Elena Pavlova age: 8-12 y.o.

15:00 Readings by writer Taras Prokhasko: about the moles and not only (Old Lion Publishing House), age: 5-10 y.o.

16:00 Creative writing for teens "Doors in fantastic worlds. Together we write history" by Vladimir Aryenyeva. Part 2: "The world as a magical door. Invent the world of our characters' age: 13-15 y.o.

16:00 Reading tales of Hruffalo and painting the own history (Artbooks), age: 5-7 y.o.

17:30 Talk about dreams, painting and drawing their own dreams. By Roald Dala book "Big friendly giant." Held - Svetlana Kolinko (Bookstore «Є») age: 5-10 y.o.

17:30 "Buktyub, how to make your own video on the book" by Mary Kurochkin (Artbooks), age: 10-15 y.o.