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  • 01.12.2016

The impetus for the creation of the project was the personal experience gained during a temporary stay in the civil society of the EU independent theatrical figures of Ukraine, which in late 2015 became members of the European Theatre Convention (ETC) «Theatre, freedom, dialogue: European cooperation with theaters in Ukraine Belarus ".

The thematic focus of project team aims to double standards Ukrainian society, where imitation of reforms and dialogue "glossy picture on exports" replace real processes of transformation of state institutions is a prerequisite for integration into the European community.

Julia Fediv - curator
Dima Levitsky - playwright
Pavel Yurov - director
Jaroslava Sidorenko - artist scene
Natalia Perchyshena - Technical Director
Alexander Martynenko - actor
Olga Popova - actress
Andrew Ward - actor
Daria Palahniuk - actress
Julia Gonchar - translator
Anastasia Hayshenets - content editor, PR
Valeria Huyevska - designer

Partners: Goethe-Institut Ukraine, ETC (European Theatre Convention), GOGOLFEST CCA "DAH", NGO "Theatrical Platform" 

Julia Fediv 0503748836,
Anastasia Hayshenets 0951069336,

Admission is free of charge
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