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  • 10.01.2017

Director – Marcin Brzozowski (Poland). 
Actors:Marusia Bernos , Kateryna Petrashova, Nadia Golubtsova , Marichka Shtyrbulova , Igor Mytalnykov


 “We Exist” performance is a collage made of memories about our fight for our own identity. We are trying to understand what is the task of our generation and how responsible do we feel to our history.

Speculations and reflections. There’s a lot behind us, infinity ahead us, but changes will take place only after we realise that We Exist. 

The Laundry Theatre combines things which highly unlikely to go together. Things like important and ordinary, general and particular, small and grand, mind and soul, theatre and laundry. 

We try to use our quest and the asked questions to wash the hearts, to remove stains from souls, to refresh minds, to cleanse the conscience. 

The Laundry Theatre - the theatre of synthesis. We have human actors and artificial actors. 

In our performances, we want to speak about things challenging, important, essential; about things that we can’t but speak about: a person, a country, a nation. 


Tickets available by phones: (063) 328-98-06, (068) 355-1-773, Bodya Yaremchuk