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  • 18.07.2017
ARKsquat is not just a place. It is a haven for artists, sculptors and creative people in general. A place to work and create, relax and work to gain and share experience. These have long existed squat in Berlin, Paris and Los Angeles and now in Kiev.
Where does the name come from? This is the name used to describe the actions of artists who occupied an abandoned building, thereby zasnovuyuchyy space to create art.
"From the moment we are building your ark, almost every day with us there are incredible things in other words miracles. If you are open to wonder and let them into your life, then magic happens and miracles happen to you on a regular basis. People want Live in the world of unusual things and events.
It is here that comes here "
The GogolFest team is tirelessly working on space where you can feel free. We sweep away, we bring garbage, bring good and inspiration. Why do we create it? For the sake of art, of course. Because art once created us.
What is the essence of ArkSquat.
We are building a place whose format is not yet known in Ukraine. You have the opportunity to live for 2 months in the first and, so far, the united artskvot in Kiev, creating something new and important. We provide rooms, workshops along with light, water and other amenities. In parallel, you can share your thoughts, experiences and your work with visitors to squat.
We open our doors for the project participants from July 25 to September 18.
It's interesting to live in an atmosphere of art and creativity - send your work to us at and we will get in touch with you.
"Squat - when life becomes art object" -Vlad Troitsky.