News of GogolFest
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GOGOLFEST 2017 territory includes 3 sites: VDNHDovzhenko Centre and new Theatre on Podol.

Сhoreography programme dedicated to the woman and ways of her identification

  • 31.08.2016

It’s no coincidence that choreography programme is called “Ishtar Cult”. Many performances that will be shown here by choreographers from Ukraine, Spain, Lithuania, Moldova, are dedicated to a woman and ways of her identification. Looking closer, one can notice that works of the international team are unified by the topic of loneliness, search for mutual understanding and new means of communication instead of the ideal language that humans have lost in Babylon. These two topics have combined in the title of the programme. 


During GOGOLFEST-2016 visitors will hear music in the Bunker

  • 25.08.2016

Academic Music presents the project "Bunker" where the audience will have the opportunity to hear well-known artists in the atmosphere of the underground bunker


GOGOLFEST-2016: Lithuanian Focus

  • 23.08.2016

The biggest international project of GOGOLFEST-2016 is “Lithuanian Focus” program of the festival, which will be a pinnacle event of the interstate project “Lithuania – Ukraine. Cultural partnership 2016”. Seven choreographical, theatrical, musical and children-oriented perfomances will be presented within the framework of “Lithuanian Focus” program.


Sculpture workshop. Spetsproject

  • 20.08.2016

The “SCULPTURE WORKSHOP. SPETSPROJECT” sculptural project will be presented within the GOGOLFEST 2016 visual program. Ten sculptors united by a common idea yet with different experiences and distinct mind-sets will have a month to create artifacts in the workrooms of Art-zavod Platforma, to present them at the festival after the completion.


Gogolfest opening. Show B.

  • 19.08.2016

The stunning musical concert of Vladislav Troitsky, a new-type multi-genre performance combining theater, music, circus, opera, puppet theater and media art. The Dakh Daughters interlace the show with their new songs. Artists of the New Opera, known for their interpretations of "Coriolanus" and "IYOV" plays, also take part in the performance.