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  • Green programm
  • 17.09.2017
  • 15:00
  • Theater

ETC Residency (Ukraine, Germany, Great Britain, Georgia)

European theatre convention (ETC), leading European network of public theatres, has initiated a new project "Theatre is Dialogue - Dialogue of Cultures: European networking with Eastern European theatres" together with StaatstheaterBraunschweigі and Ukrainian and Georgian theatres.

This year we aim to strengthen and further develop civil and cultural bonds with the theatres of Eastern Europe which have participated in the previous projects of 2014 and 2015: "European Theatre Networking with Ukrainian theatre makers and theatres" and "Theatre, Freedom, Dialogue: European Networking with theatres in Ukraine and Belarus".

The ETC Residency seeks to support theatre as a space of an open cultural dialogue to promote liberal and democratic values in Ukraine as well as to encourage the implementation of an infrastructure needed at Eastern European theatres.

The 2017 theatre programme presents a unique project of ETC Residency "ark EUROPA" that is being created here and now: 5 young directors from Germany, Britain and Georgia come to Kyiv to create a theatre together with Ukrainian actors. They have 14 days altogether. Those who visited the residency last year know — it’s worth seeing. Besides, 3 directors, Avtandil Diasamidze, Peter Kent, Katharina Schenk, are going to participate for the second time.

The residency commences on the 3rd of September and lasts until the end of the festival, but the guys from the "Party of Apocalypse Interpreters" have already set off to Wiesbaden where they, together with Peter and Katharina, are creating  a project to bring it to GogolFest 2017 afterwards. Ukrainian audience will have the possibility to see this very project on the 8-9th of September in Ark Squat. A new history of Ukraine-Europe collaboration is being written right now.





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