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  • Red programm
  • 13.09.2017
  • 18:00
  • Dance art

OFF SZoEN, Switzerland

Performed by: Isabelle Freymond, Lukas Larcher, Carla Etter, Marc Calame, Matthias Rüttimann.

Music: Ad’Absurdum.

 Mix: Jonas Zumstein.

Video: Thomas Batschelet.

Light-design: Pablo Weber.

Set-design: Marc Calame.

Costume: Eva Butzkies;

Directed by Matthias Rüttimann


Duration: 90 min.

Red program


Theatrical reconstruction of the abandoned project

What would you do if you find a door that does not exist in your house?


Everything started harmless. A group of artists wanted to create a theater that transcended the limits of everyday reality. For this purpose, they went to a remote house. However, in that place the process and rehearsals of such an ambitious project ran more and more out of control. Finally the whole cast escaped and left the project unfinished project. What happened back there? – With the couple years have passed, the group OFF SZoEN looks back on this border experience and tries to reconstruct the past events.

A very personal, imaginative theater performance, which mixes autobiographical, documentary and fantastic elements in a labyrinth-like building. The performance that demonstrates the shifting realities and the complications of artistic processes. The fine-art art project that starts theatrically and opens into a visual, acoustic universe of hypnotic psychodelic emanation.

OFF SZoEN - a team of diverse artists who live in Biel, Switzerland. In their projects, the participants combine theater, performing arts and visual arts, music and architecture. The results are presented on the stage/exhibitions/screen and recorded in the location of performances, or sometimes nowhere - a kind of frivolous game with frontiers between fabrication, sleep and reality is a constant theme of their creativity. OFF SZoEN was founded in 1991 and was reorganized in 2009 as artistic group

Supported by: Swiss Embassy in Ukraine, Swiss cooperation office

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