GOGOLFEST is the international multidisciplinary festival of contemporary art that consists of theatre, music, visual, education, children's program and residences, and also combines all directions together.

GOGOLFEST develops a program of national humanitarian security of Ukraine. It focuses on creation of modern cultural myth, that sewing the country together. It is a platform and production center for collaborative projects.
GOGOLFEST INOCULATION – It is a project that makes "cultural vaccination" via international festivals and unites different cities in Ukraine and Ukraine with the world.

The main traits of the festival are an involvement of local artists to the festival program in different cities and a close cooperation with the local team in the organization of the project.

It inspires residents of the city to find their own modern identity and to create their own brand that will become known in Ukraine and abroad, also to explore Ukraine and create common cultural mith for different regions.

- Dream GogolFest in Kherson (4/09-6/09 2020);
- FastFest GogolFest in Fastiv (19/09-20/09 2020);
- DniPro GogolFest in Dnipro (3/10 - 4/10 2020).
President – Vlad Troitskyi
Director – Maksym Demskyi
Program Director – Anna Basova
International Relations Manager – Andrii Palatnyi